The President’s Shuttle

Mr. Trump operated his own airline

Following the recent US presidential election, it is worth noting that the new President-elect Mr. Donald Trump was, at one time, owner of his own airline.

In 1989 Mr. Trump established Trump Shuttle, Inc. operating as Trump Airlines, following the purchase of Eastern Air Shuttle. The carrier operated scheduled domestic flights onboard Boeing 727s from New York La Guardia airport (LGA) to Boston, Washington and Orlando. The premium full-service airline operating under IATA designator code TB, featured luxury interiors redecorated as maple wood veneer with gold-coloured lavatory furnishing.

Mr. Trump had previous experience in aviation industry with operating regular helicopter services to Atlantic City, as well as those from downtown Manhattan to the La Guardia Airport.

However, the Trump Shuttle ceased its operation in 1992 when it was merged into a new corporation, Shuttle, Inc., which began operating as the USAir Shuttle, and subsequently merged into US Airways (IATA: US). US Airways also ceased operations in October 2015 and merged with American Airlines (IATA: AA) – one of the founding members of the Oneworld alliance.

– JG –